Archive | September 2014

My Child Makes Me Feel Like Gollum

I am pretty smitten with my son.  The extent totters on the ridiculous.  I love to watch as he interacts with his environment.  I love to make him smile & laugh.  I know he is the most adorable thing I have ever seen.  I sometimes have to make sure I’m not squeezing him too tightly when I’m getting my snuggles because I could honestly just hold him forever and be satisfied.  This golden-haired angel has made me crazy.

As I lovingly dote on him after I’ve laid him down for his nap, I marvel at my precious child.  Then the words, “I will risk no harm to him. He is precious to me” in Gandalf’s voice pop into my head, and I laugh at myself – hard.  Suddenly, I am Gollum, and James is my own, my precious.  So I tell myself to take it down a notch, you crazy nerd, and go get my chores done while I have a chance.