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Christmas Send-Off

I suppose today officially marks the end of Christmas week, but I hope you will indulge me by watching one more Christmas video.

If you are like me and might struggle at always keeping the true meaning of Christmas at the forefront of your mind, this Christmas remake of Hallelujah by Cloverton will at least close your season on a good note.  An already beautiful song made even more poignant, I wish I would have found this earlier on in December.  May the remainder of your year be blessed!


Tales from the Belly: What’s in a Name?

We are on our final laps of pregnancy – 38 weeks today.  I had my last appointment a couple days ago (they don’t stalk your baby with weekly appointments here if there are no complications).  Now, we are just waiting … ah patience, not one of my virtues, so maybe I should say: “now, we are just trying to stay as distracted as possible.”

I’ve noticed a trend: a decline in the number of “how are you feeling?”s – probably because most people see the big belly & know the answer can’t be that enthusiastic.  So they stray to safer topics: “when is your due date?” or “are you ready?” or “do you have a name picked out?”

The last one is always fun because the answer is “no.”  That’s right, we are weeks away, and my baby does not have a name!  He has name options, but confound it, we cannot decide.

Maybe there are just too many choices, and nothing is new.  You have some kind of connection with every name you read from the book – someone you knew once, a popular or historical figure.  You could go celebrity & name your kid after a color or fruit.  There are place names, different spellings, old-fashioned names, and family names.  My head might explode.

There are serious problems to consider: avoiding funny nicknames or initials, making sure it flows with the last name, making sure a kid could spell it.  Eventually, you end up eliminating your entire list!

Then, you think you’ve picked a name, & a month later, you don’t like it anymore.  But then you like it again, but then you don’t.  And before the nine (ten) months are up, you are so tired of thinking about it that you just throw your hands up & move on to something easier – like washing baby clothes or making your hospital bag packing list.

Maybe it’s best not to have a name picked out. What if he comes out & we realize that he doesn’t look like the name we picked & then it’s embroidered on everything already?

Or even more likely, my husband has a tendency to call people the names he thinks they should have.  He has dubbed many of our friends with different names.  Just the other day, he asked why I had been letting him call our friends’ baby Charlie when his name is George (honestly, I didn’t notice), then he decided the kid was more of a Charlie anyway.  So, if I had named our baby, he may come out & get called something different by his father & then wouldn’t everyone be confused!

At this point, we’ve simply told our family & friends that we won’t name him until we meet him with a promise to not take 3 days like Wills & Kate.  We usually do our best work with a deadline anyway.