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Giving and Receiving

As with all things in life, I think we have seasons of giving and receiving.  Sometimes, you have it all together and are perfectly poised to lavish on others.  Then, there are times of transition when it is your turn to receive.

I find it easier to be on the giving end, doing for others, sharing with joy.  I love getting someone a good gift, knowing they are going to love it!  Or the excellent feeling of helping someone in need, looking past yourself to those around you.  It’s a wonderful position to be in.

Right now, we are on the receiving end.  So much love and support has poured in from family and friends, both near and far, in celebration of the approaching arrival of our little dude.  We have been floored by the limitless capacity for thoughtfulness and generosity that the people in our lives have shown.  I am so grateful for each & every gesture, kind word, and gift.  It is such a big transition to go from a couple to a family, so many things will change, but I feel ready.  My cocoon of support reassures me.

So today, I give thanks for each of you.

And whatever season of life you find yourself in, be grateful for it.  Receive the love and kindness with grace & gratitude, so when it is your turn to give, you may give joyfully & freely.



They Serve

Veterans Day is a time to appreciate those who serve our country by military service.  Whether their time of service has passed or is just beginning, those who take the oath to put country before self should be the focus.

I am very lucky to know many service men & women and their families.  It is a life of highs & lows, of benefit & struggle.  It is a life that requires strength, perseverance, flexibility, and resilience.  It is a community of support not unlike the extended families they all leave behind.

It is probably best described exactly as it already is: military service.
They pledge to support & defend, and then, they serve.
At home, across the country, they serve.
Over oceans, in foreign lands, they serve.
In jungles or in deserts, they serve.
In bitter cold or sweltering heat, they serve.
On their birthdays, over weekends, on holidays, they serve.
When their loved ones are dying or being born, they serve.
When situations are unclear, they serve.
When they don’t understand why or even disagree, they serve.
When people don’t even seem to care, they serve.
When our nation is at risk, they serve.
In times of blessed peace, they serve.
When our country is dysfunctional, they serve.
When it’s hard to remember why, they serve.
In ways public & ways unseen, they serve.
Through pain & hardship, they serve.
Through fear & uncertainty, they serve.
For freedom & security, they serve.
For their families, for friends, for complete strangers, they serve.
For you & for me, they serve.
No matter what, no matter when, no matter where, when duty calls, they serve.

Find a way to thank a veteran today.