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Tales from the Belly: What are you doing in there?!

We just keep growing!  I now feel like I am smuggling a basketball under my shirt as I look down and see this belly poking out.  The locals like to call it a “tidy” or “neat” bump, but to me, it feels huge.  We are in our third trimester, and little man should be about 3pounds.

I’ve been able to feel him since around week 17, but the certainty, clarity, and frequency of his movements have increased exponentially since then.  With this trimester’s marked increase in belly size has come a marked increase in movement.  I feel everything!  I think my frame and his position affect it, but friends agree that he can be felt very distinctly – not just kicks, but little movements & little body parts, too.

Before the step-up in sensation, I had begun to notice a pattern.  He would get squirmy every couple of hours, and I would inevitably get hungry – apparently we have a very strict eating schedule already.  During my work morning, I would know it was about 10 o’clock because he would “wake up” and start his daily gymnastics routine.

Now, it’s always something: a little rollover, wiggling arms & legs, pushing & stretching.  He’s definitely my child; I am not known for my ability to be still.  It isn’t painful (uncomfortable at times), mostly just distracting because I can’t help but wonder: what on earth are you doing in there?!

I wish I had x-ray (ultrasound?) vision to peek in & see what actions are causing all of the strange sensations in my belly. It’s hard to describe what it feels like to have a tiny person hanging out inside of you.  And don’t even get me started on hiccups!  I hate having them myself, but little man gets them at least once a day.

It can look really crazy from the outside though, too!  Sometimes when he’s being squirrelly, we just watch my stomach as it jostles and leans and ripples and jumps as our crazy little pea does his most dramatic mime in a box routine.  I’m forever trying to catch a good wiggle on video to send on to the fam.  I’m sad they can’t be here to share in the baby-feeling fun, but our friends enjoy it.  Well, except those that are weirded out by it all, who I enjoy tormenting by bumping them with my belly or snatching their hand for a kick.

It’s a fun, sweet time for Sam & I, and I know we will miss it in the future.  Not too much though because we’ll be too busy enjoying seeing those squirms on the outside; I know he’ll have plenty for us to enjoy!


Dublinites Revisited

You may want to read my original Dublin post to start, so you understand what I’m talking about.  : )

My husband’s family came to visit back in July, and they chose Ireland for their out-of-England excursion – when you come all the way across the Atlantic, you might as well see a couple different places.  I embraced this opportunity to show them the highlights of what I enjoyed in Dublin last time and take some day trips out to other areas of the country.

So, we hopped up to Dublin, and I, of course, took them straight to Trinity College because that library is still one of my absolute favorites.  I couldn’t help hoping that Kayla & I’s friend from last time might still be around leading tours.  Luck was shining down like the surprisingly hot sun because there he was waiting at the podium!  We purchased our tour tickets, and I approached him.  Turns out, he remembered us quite clearly, and I told him I brought him some more tourers.  He expressed concern that I would be bored taking the tour again and kept making sure that I wasn’t throughout.  He would point out when he had added some new information & even tried to quiz me.  Best of all, he introduced me to the entire group at the start, saying I was one of two people who had ever taken his tour twice, then told this awkward story about the other person who was apparently mad – awesome!  When the tour was over, I asked him about the museum building (which was his favorite) since we didn’t go in this time around.  Due to it being exam period, the building wasn’t currently open, but he took our little group in by a side entry with a code & gave us a private tour – the perks of being chatty, I guess!  I learned my lesson from last time and got his name & a picture.  So, here’s Jaime, AKA Mr. Adorkable:

We continued on to the Book of Kells entry which is included at the end of the tour, and I began my hunt for our friend, Pat, who let us take pictures in the library last time.  They now let everyone take pictures, but that didn’t sully my appreciation for Pat.  It was fun telling him how he made our trip last time with those photos and his response to being so favorably remembered.  We really should tell people we appreciate them more often.  I got my picture with him too, my adorable friend, Pat:


I kept wanting to swing by the Arlington and find our leprechaun friend, James, but there was never enough time.  There was one more perk to a repeat trip: when we went to eat at Gallagher’s Boxty House for dinner, I was very excited to have the meal I had last time.  To my chagrin, it was nowhere to be found on the new menu (they’ve updated the whole place!).  I got up the guts to ask the waitress if it might be possible, after all the makings of it were all still there just not all together and it was my favorite meal from last time.  The kind waitress asked the chef who agreed, and I gleefully devoured my delicious corned beef & cabbage boxty – just as good as I remembered!

corned beef & cabbage boxty

It was a great trip back to Dublin; I’m still a fan of this charming little city.  We had wonderful excursions out to the Cliffs of Moher and Wicklow areas while in Ireland as well.  The country really does have an appeal and atmosphere all its own!