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Apparently my resolution for 2013 should be to blog more!  WordPress kindly sent me my bloggy year in review, and I couldn’t help but notice that since I started in November, 2011 less than half my posts came from 2012 – woah!  It’s been an awesome year if not a little crazy with the big move to England in April, with that came wonderful adventures inevitably coupled with the frustrations of adjusting to a new culture & missing home.  I want to continue to share these experiences with you & help myself remember all the beautiful small details through writing them out; I, thereby, resolve to make time for blogging again.  I expect you to hold me to it!  Share your resolution(s), and I’ll return the favor : )


A Soapbox: Leggings Are Not Pants & Other Crimes Against Humanity

I wrote this a while back & forgot to post it. I’m still annoyed by this, but at least the bitter weather has improved the amount of anatomy to which I’m exposed.  : )

Often, I need to vent my frustrations to keep them from boiling over at inconvenient times.  I’m certain that if I don’t get this out I will end up inappropriately harassing one of our teen-aged patients, and my British boss would be, in his own mild terms, “not too keen on it” or “not impressed.”

There is a lack-of-appropriate-pants epidemic in Britain. (Oh, pardon, trousers. “Pants” are underwear in the UK, so if you are of this persuasion, just substitute “trousers” every time I say “pants” because I am still American.)  Has this made it to the States?  If so, I officially dub it a pandemic & entreat the WHO to get involved … or at least the UFP: Universal Fashion Police.  Just someone make it stop!

Leggings are made for the purpose of layering.  When you don’t put something over them, like a long shirt or dress or shorts, anyone can see every detail of your backside through that thin, strechy cotton.  Most backsides cannot hold up to that kind of exposure.  It isn’t pretty.

And while we are on the topic of inappropriate bum-exposure, wearing tights underneath them does not make your shorts the size of underwear ok. Your bum cheeks literally hang down below your shorts!  Tights, even if they are labelled opaque, are sheer when stretched.  Come on, Britain, you are supposed to be a classy nation!

I’ve heard of schools who make students wear provided t-shirts or sweats if they came inappropriately dressed. I think I’ll invest in multiple pairs of super-large mens gym shorts to keep with me, so I can generously donate them to the young ladies I encounter who have forgotten to wear pants.  Saving humanity one over-exposed bum at a time.

The moral of the story is simple: buy clothes that cover your goods or you might as well just go naked.