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It’s Just That Simple

Woah, it’s been a long time!  Apologies for the negligence. Now to the subject at hand:

Sometimes, I get grouchy.

It’s the ugly truth.  I can be whiney, too.  It really isn’t pretty.  Thankfully, my husband gets the brunt of it, and he loves me anyway.

Speaking of thankful, I just unintentionally experienced the method that so many prescribe for grouchiness & other negative forms of mood: to count one’s blessings.

Here’s how it happened: I’m up late-ish, trying to get stuff accomplished, wasting too much time on Facebook, getting tired & too far away from my last meal when I come up with this little gripe-fest of a status:

Things that annoy: Sam is working tonight & tomorrow night; England has a lack of pumpkin enthusiasm for fall…well England has an overall lack of fall in general; I keep getting all the updates from TV shows I like about the new episodes that I won’t be seeing anytime soon; I miss shopping in dollars; I’ve stayed up too late & am now hungry again. That last one is probably the real issue.

I hit post then think: “geez, Kim, right ray of sunshine, you are!” – apparently my inner voice is starting to take on a rough English accent … let’s just hashtag that “unexpected side effects of living in England” & move on.  So, I jot down this snippet to keep from becoming my friends’ own fbook wall version of Debbie Downer (womp womp :/ )

For balance, things that are great: good friends, getting to hangout on google+ with my parents & sister at the same time, having the ability to shop at all & my new cozy sweater I wore today, a bowl of fruit & a pint of ice cream, having my husband home at all. Yep, life’s good!

And bam!  What do you know but I’ve got the pep back in my step thinking about the wonderful things God has blessed me with!  That little status just barely scratched the surface of all I have to be grateful for in life, & I’m already a little less whine with a little more cheese.

So, next time you are feeling low, remember to count your blessings. Cliché though it may be.

Sometimes, it’s just that simple