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A Newfound Obsession with Lemon

I have never had an appropriate appreciation for lemon.  Beyond lemonade, I really can’t remember having much to do with the little yellow citrus.  You certainly wouldn’t find me reaching for a lemony dessert, especially not over chocolate, and I would even forgo a wedge for my water or tea.  However, lemon shall be snubbed no longer!  It has slowly been growing on me, but the love of lemon has cemented itself firmly with a single recipe: lemonies!  This is the name Miss Rita May has given her lemon brownie recipe, and they are a tasty treat!  Pinterest is, of course, to credit for the discovery of this easy, addictive recipe.

Even Sam is a fan, despite his original reluctance.  I told him I was going to make more lemonies with the lemons from the market (he wasn’t around for the first batch).  He immediately perked up: “lemonade?!”  We both love fresh lemonade made with Aunt Angie’s perfected ratios.  When I corrected him, he got sulky & suspicious of this lemon brownie idea that was stealing all the lemons from the ade.  I did make him a single glass to appease him, but it turns out that he’s plenty satisfied with the lemonies themselves.  I’m a bit ashamed to admit that we have eaten the whole 9×13 batch almost all by ourselves in 2 days – yikes!

I got to thinking about how lemon has been growing on me recently: a well-enjoyed lemon cupcake, the welcomed addition of lemon to a favorite recipe (Angie added it to our buttermilk pie, & I was surprisingly favorable), & even the subtle increase in citrus in my style.  I am not usually drawn to yellow in my decor or clothing, but check out the bedding I just ordered from West Elm:
I’m pretty excited about it!  Our bedroom has dark carpet & furniture, so I was looking for a yellow or green to brighten it up.

So, to investigate this idea further, I checked my pinterest boards, & sure enough, lemon was popping up in lots of places:
Shades of Yellow Style

A Twist on a Classic: Lemonade with Raspberry Ice CubesLemon Blackberry Cheesecake
Adorable Souffles: Only Martha!

Sunny Comfort

So, it must be true; I’m finally cultivating a love for lemon!  I should celebrate by baking limoncello cupcakes
or a lemon lemon cake
or branching out with a yellow skirt
or maybe not so far with a yellow cardi
or maybe a happy Box of Sunshine will do the trick

Whatever I decide on, it will surely be bright & sunny, tarty & citrus, and decidedly lemon!  A happy, yellow day to you, lovelies!


Things I Would Not Be Able to Do Without FaceTime

I love FaceTime!  I love it so much I want to hug every single person who ever made it possible, which would be a LOT of people, but that’s ok because I am a good hugger.  I’m Southern; it’s ingrained.  Why do I love it so much?  Glad you asked!  Being across the Atlantic from almost all of the people I love could be a real bummer without video-chatting.  It’s fantastic to see my mom’s doting face (yes, my mom dotes on me; I’m a lucky girl!) even though we are 4413.42 miles away from each other (Google Maps Distance Measurement Tool) or chat with my sister over laundry or catch my dad doing something crazy with a screenshot (I won’t use one this time, dad, but I could…).  It always makes my day!

I remember when I was making my first batch of my mom’s signature Thanksgiving dressing without her.  Sam was going to cut up with whole raw chicken for me because I have a healthy dislike of handling raw meat, but he didn’t know how.  We called up my mom, and she instructed him step-by-step over video-chat.  If someone would have been looking at us from the outside, they would have thought we were crazy, holding bits of chicken up in front of a computer: “Like this?”

It’s only gotten better with FaceTime on iPhones.  I can carry my family all over the house, prop them up next to me while I get stuff done (my case has a kick-stand); we literally just hang-out via FaceTime.  And thanks to the iPhone & my dad I was able to accomplish something I’ve been wanting to get done for weeks: mowing the lawn!

Now, you’re thinking that mowing the lawn is not such a big deal, but I assure you it is when your mower has arrived in pieces from over a year in storage followed by a transatlantic move, completely empty of all necessary fluids.  Or at least it is when you are a girl like me.

After finally figuring out the kind of oil I needed (why isn’t there just “lawn mower oil” instead of many possible kinds depending on your mower?) & procuring a gas can to fill-up, all I had left to do was put the mower back together again.
Even with the manuals (I save all of my paperwork for everything), I knew I would need outside help.  I mean, the big black bar wasn’t even attached to the mower except by the pully cord, and I had no idea if the little black bar went to the front or the back & how the cable thing attached to it!  So, I rang dad up, and he helped me decipher the not necessarily well-detailed manuals.  Have I mentioned I love the double-camera feature?  I could choose the out-facing one to show him something & then switch it around, so he could monitor my work.  Seriously could not have done it without him & could not have had him without FaceTime. God bless FaceTime makers! Here’s some more pics of my accomplishment:

Welcome to the Jungle!
 What I do my dirty work in.
It got more of a trim than a full cut; it was still wet underneath.
Jack approves!
Definite progress!
Jack was so cute, waiting for me by the gate while I did the front.
Jack modeling the front yard – silly pup!

Wiig-ing Out!

I love Kristen Wiig!  She is at the top of my hilarious women list. She’s nutty & adorable & doesn’t let worrying over appearance hold her back from going all-in for her comedy.  She pulls off some of the most awkward characters & makes me laugh until I can’t breathe.  Just look at this presh pic by Terry Richardson that I found at Joe’s Daily.  She’s just too much!

My first encounter with Kristen was in March of 2007 during the Peyton Manning episode.  I’m fairly certain that this was the first full episode of SNL I had ever watched (don’t judge me, I was sheltered).  A Penelope skit came on, and I was hooked.  Why not take something annoying, like a one-upper, & take it to the amusing extreme?  Add the personality quirks of hair twisting & trailing off every boast with a sooo…. and you’ve got something that’s fun to watch & fun to mimic.  After all, good comedy lives on through repeating it whenever possible in your day-to-day life.  Side bar, example: Sam’s way of telling me he was glad to have one of our friends as a roommate on a trip was saying they were going to bunk their beds, so they had more room for activities.  Here’s another Penelope skit:
Penelope Therapy

Over the years since, Kristen has had so many fantastic characters on SNL.  My ultimate favorite is Sue the woman who just really LOVES surprises.  It’s like she’s spoofing me in those skits; I cannot hold in a good surprise & have repeatedly told my family & friends their gifts or surprises prematurely.  I should start wearing turtlenecks to Christmas, so I can use them to cover my mouth.
Surprise Party
Engagement Surprise

Other great characters & impersonations include the Target Lady (it’s a match!), the deformed sister on the Lawrence Welk show (is that weird?), Kathie Lee Gifford (what am I doing?), the Secret Word actress (when I see a word, I have to say it), Judy Grimes (just kidding), Paula Dean (booter & oyil), Two A-Holes with Jason Sudeikis (you look like a rabbit), and Garth & Kat with Fred Armisen (please, Mr Meyers?!).  I could go on & on.  Check out’s choice’s for her top 10.  Just watch them all!  You really have to for me because I can’t watch most of them – Hulu is not available in the UK : (

Even though she’s not always looking her best in her sketches with crazy wigs, prosthetics, & faces, she certainly does clean up nice & has really come into her own on the red carpet.
Fashion photos courtesy of JustJared.

Sadly, this past season was her last on SNL, but hopefully, we’ll continue to see lots of her.  I’m really upset that I moved out of the US before her final show & have still yet to see it.  I expect the farewell was fitting for the only major female player since Amy Poehler left 3 seasons ago.  Some ladies are going to have to step up in the coming seasons!  Oh well, for now we can revel in the gems of comedic genius she gave us and hope for a Best of Kristen Wiig collection & many movies to come!

*Sorry the videos aren’t imbedding correctly – I blame the UK block! Hopefully, all the links are working though. : )