Rainy Day Wear

Sam & I have seen a decent amount of rain in our first couple of weeks in England.  In all of our preparation, we didn’t think to keep waterproof jackets out in our luggage, so we’ve had a hard time keeping dry while waiting for the rest of our things to arrive. This last Saturday was particularly dreary, so we gave in & stopped in Debenhams. Funny story: we had to take turns going in to grab jackets, since we had Jack with us. Both the hubs & I came out with the same brand: Maine New England.  We got tickled by our American style. Here’s what we came up with:
 Bonus funsy: polka dot lining!Best part is that neither of ours are listed as “raincoats” or even “waterproof.”  Brilliant!  Here are some more options for if your April Showers decide to continue into May:


Target Polka Dots: my adorable sis has this.
Bright Yellow Neiman Marcus All Business


Grey Kenneth Cole
Green Patagonia
Fancy Pants Golden Goose

Here’s to wishing you sunny skies or cozy rainwear!  : )


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