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Keep it Clean

Geez, I haven’t posted in a while! My B! I shouldn’t really even be posting right now because I should be cleaning the house for our second round of visitors. My parents & sister were visiting last week, and now my in-laws are in route as we speak. It just happened that everyone could come visit right around the same time. I’ve been a busy girl to say the least: hosting, preparing, planning, cleaning, & trying to work in between. I hope to get back on the blogging horse as March rolls in, but for now, let’s discuss something that I will not pretend to be fond of: cleaning.

There is a difference between “clean” & “tidy.” I’ve known people who are both clean & tidy, whose houses always look immaculate almost to the point that you get nervous about touching things. I will never be accused of this. I’ve only ever really heard my house described as cozy or homey – a.k.a. lived-in. You are sometimes painfully aware of the fact that people & a pup sure as heck live in my house. If I border either of our catch-phrases, I would say that I can be tidy. You will certainly more often find me picking things up & putting them in their rightful place (I am a big fan of organization) then scrubbing something or vacuuming. I can honestly say that I really don’t notice if my house is dirty (as in un-clean) until someone is coming over. Then I find my self looking around the house in horror – like in the movies, where every time the heroine turns there is something ghastly accompanied by a short string of ominous notes until she is finally overwhelmed & faints. Do you know what I mean?

So, I was thinking about how I could discipline myself into cleaning regularly and not all at once right before someone shows up. A cleaning schedule? Certain tasks for certain days of the week.
Sidebar: has anyone else noticed that I have a thing for the word “certain” or “certainly” today? If you haven’t, it’s because I keep having to go back & change them. If I catch myself typing it one more time, I will …. almost did it again. Gah! Redundancies are a pet-peeve of mine, so I’m about to peeve myself off. End of sidebar.
Anyway, ways to get me cleaning more. Do you have any ideas? I expect some good input from my clean & tidy friends, you know who you are. How do you keep the house at a consistent level of cleanliness? Just please don’t say anything about loving cleaning because I just don’t think I can get myself to do that without some serious brain manipulation or hypnosis. Alright fire away, my Sanitary Sally’s, my Disinfecting Davey’s (dad shout-out! my dad IS mr. clean), my Queens of Clean, my Sirs of Spotlessness! I have to go marathon clean the abode in a whopping 30minutes – yikes!


Remember the good.

Diet Schmiet

I’m about to rant. I’m going to preface this with stating that I am not an expert or nutritionist in any form; I am simply a girl who loves food & has opinions, and thanks to the internet, I get to air them out.

I think diets are overrated, seriously overrated. In fact, I think diets are nothing more than a socially accepted form of selective anorexia. Strong words, I know, but let’s think through this. Cutting entire things out of your diet just sounds kinda nuts to me. Whatever happened to everything in moderation! Is our self control that far gone that we can’t just say get a good mix of everything & not too much of one, but have to just nix entire food groups? That’s not going to get us all the good vitamins & minerals that come from all these different types of foods. Obviously, I’m not talking about the diet plans that help you keep track & balance if you are seriously having issues. Those don’t exclude random food groups for fun. I’m talking fad diets. Let’s review some of my favorites:

Low Carb: a carbohydrate is defined by Webster’s as “any of various neutral compounds of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen (as sugars, starches, and celluloses) most of which are formed by green plants and which constitute a major class of animal foods.”  So here’s the deal, basically you are hating on a compound that is used for energy, structure, & all kinds of other things in our bodies. I think what you are really meaning to limit is either starches or sugar or both, but not all carbohydrates are bad. That’s stereotyping! And I refuse to deny myself completely of bread, pasta, & baked goods. They can’t be that bad if athletes load up on them before a race; we’ll get back to that.

Juicing: what did solid food ever do to you?! If you have teeth for chewing, then you are blessed enough to not have to deny yourself solid foods. And what about good ol’ fiber, he’s not offensive; don’t avoid him.

Diet drinks: are they really that much better for you sans sugar? They still have all the carbonation & acids & caffeine. Don’t chug them like they are water – chug water! 8 a day is not moderation – that much caffeine can’t be good for you. We seriously need to get off our caffeine highs. We’re a bunch of addicts.

I honestly don’t even know all of the other crazy things people do to diet, but here’s a couple more nuggets for you to chew over:
-Why do think they are called “fad” diets? If it worked, it would be the forever diet. Fad is just one letter away from fat. Just saying.
-Balance & knowledgable choices are all you need to eat healthy – smarten yourself up at .
-Aim for health, not a number on the scale or your clothes. Bodies come in all shapes & sizes, and if you are making good choices,feel good about yourself. The other half of that is
-Get up! Remember the carb loading athletes – they can do that because they are exercising a lot. If you are exercising, you are using all those good things you are eating, including sugars & carbs. If you are sitting on the couch all the time, maybe you should be more strict with what you eat because you aren’t using it.

In summation, eat a balanced variety. Exercise. Be smart. Be happy. Feel good. Love yourself. And cut out the dieting madness already!

Princess Rap & a Sloth AutoTune

Sophia-Grace & Rosie do it again! They were back on Ellen, singing Keri Hilson’s Turn My Swag On, & they busted out some original verses. Check out this awesomeness!

Had to add this (can you tell I’m catching up on Ellen). They autotuned the sloth meltdown!

Some words just shouldn’t be shortened.

I’m all for conserving energy – a.k.a. I’m a bit lazy. In fact, I kind of shorten everyone’s name. My friend Aimee gets called Aims; Ashley – Smash; Christina – Teens; Gloria – G; Theresa – T, Kayla – Kay, Jonathan – Jon, the list can go on & on. Everyone gets a nickname to accommodate my lazy southern mouth.

Lots of people shorten words. “Totes” is a big thing right now, short for totally. It’s so chic. Look up Ish Fashion Girls Say on YouTube to enjoy that more (except, you know, the real word for ish). My Smash shared that with me. So, the real reason you shouldn’t abbreviate every word comes from my Teens. She likes shortening words; its totes adorbs. She’s talking to her hubs and says “babe, your knucks are really dry.” … if you don’t get it yet, say it aloud to yourself quickly. You can guess what I thought she said. It was hysterical. The follow-up convo was additionally hysterical & involved comments about lotion.

Moral of the story: mind what you abbreviate. Some instances require the effort to say the entire word. : )

I really should have learned to play the cello.

2CELLOS – have you seen them yet? They were all over my DVR last week, appearing on Ellen & then Glee. Pretty flipping amazing. I’ve always liked the cello and its cousin, the stand-up base…and really well all strings, but the cello in particular, with its deep smooth tones, has always been a source of fascination & admiration.

Do you remember the movie August Rush? Kind of different, but the music is stellar. Keri Russell’s character plays the cello, & it is usually meshed in with the rock band of Jonathan Rhys Meyers’s character – cool, right? I’m a fan of mixing things up. Here’s a rather long clip of music from the movie, but if you got from the 1.5 min mark to the 3min mark, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Also, if you’ve never seen the movie, click one of the links for Raise It Up & be blown away by that little girl’s pipes.

So, anyways, 2CELLOS: here are there performances on Ellen & Glee (featuring Naya Rivera, who’s got some pipes of her own). Since the hubs & I are fans, we went ahead and bought their new album on iTunes on which they cover U2, Muse, Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson, Coldplay & Kings of Leon, among others. Definitely worth checking out, and who knows, if I would have taken lessons, I could have been their 3rd cello  : )  Enjoy!

My new favorite saying…

After seeing this ridiculously hilarious video that my dear friend, Kel, posted on my Facebook, I have now decided that my new favorite saying is “sloth meltdown.”  For example, my status today was: “Just found out that the Paradise bakery in town is also a Panera. I don’t know how that works, but I don’t care. I’m so excited I’m having a sloth meltdown!”  Or when I realized the diamond had fallen out of some earrings the hubs bought me way back when we were dating in high school, I most certainly had a major sloth meltdown. Want to know what the heck I’m talking about? Check this out: