Globe’s Glam, Part 2

So, Part 1 got “reblogged” yesterday. I didn’t know there was such a thing, but it basically meant my blog showed up on someone else’s and said “reblogged from” me. I’m guessing that meant they liked it because there were no comments from the reblogger. I don’t suppose I mind; I was just confused. Anyway, back to the pretty dresses:

Kate Beckinsale: come on! If this woman was any prettier,
the world would implode. This dress looks great on her.

Kate Winslet: Love her, but I think she’s done better.
Like the red dress from last year’s Emmy’s:

Laura Dern: Not sure this picture does it justice,
but this was a very pretty dress.

Lea Michele: I am a Glee fan, but this is not right. It’s not right for her body or her age. This is what I would expect someone sexy & sophisticated to wear, and she is not that. She is young & cute & very popular, so she should be wearing something fresh & edgier. She could get away with it, but she can’t get away with this. I much prefer the green dress from the SAG awards. Fresh. She’s still showing some cleavage if that must be a requirement, but she looks more her age and like she isn’t trying too hard.

Michelle Williams: I like it! I’m not really into velvet,
but I like this & the headband.

Morena Baccarin: I saw this and thought it was fantastic,
and then I saw the front.

Note: I basically nixed all of my N’s because they were boring.

Octavia Spencer: Beautiful! Great color, great shape, great choice for her. Again, dressing your body right is this. Love that she won!

Piper Perabo: too big & too see-through. I just don’t like it.

Reese Witherspoon: Isn’t she great! I’m all for her dressing like a bombshell, but I actually don’t like this. It just isn’t the right bombshell choice. If you google her+dress, you’ll see she is the queen of looking hot in not-too-short short dresses, but my favorite of her’s in the long category goes all the way back to the Oscars ’06:

Rooney Mara: Is this her own style or has she become her character in GWTDT? Look how cute she used to be:

Sarah Hyland: How cute is she? I think this is fabulous.

Sarah Michelle Gellar: this one is painful. She said her 2yr old daughter picked it out. That’s sweet & all, but she’s 2 & you’re going to a legit awards show. She would have forgotten that she picked that one, and you could have looked stellar…Ms Gellar – oh come on, the rhyme was right there.

Shailene Woodley: the waist down is great, but the top is killing me. Look, if something is small, you don’t emphasize that it is small, but dress it to look its best. That’s the nicest way I could put that.

Tilda Swinton: look, I just don’t get her. She’s too weird or edgy or fashionable for me to keep up. That said, this outfit is actually better than most. I like the color, but I just really want to fix her collar for her.

Zooey Deschanel: I really like her! This is cute & the back is cute & the tuxedo nails are adorable, but I have to say that like Shailene Woodley, this needs chest support. That’s all & it would have been perfect.
Dressing your body right includes the proper undergarments. Do your girls justice, no matter what size they are. Ok, I’m done.

I think that rounds up the things I just had to comment on. Again, let me know what you think. Who was your big win or big miss? I promise I won’t do any clothing scrutinizing blogs until the Oscars (unless we are scrutinizing my clothes, which I could do so all day long). Happy Tuesday!


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  1. All in one: Review says :

    Oops I didnt see this part & already commented on 1st one…:) 😛

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