Golden Globe’s Glamour

Yes, it has been quite a while. Sorry! After the fun of the holidays, a cold, & a couple of frustrating incidences with people who apparently can’t do their jobs coupled with continued not-working (a.k.a. laziness, feelings of uselessness, & some projecting), I just wasn’t in the proper mood or making proper time for proper blogging – very un-proper of me. One thing that can get me properly pumped is award show season – finally something positive about post-Christmas winter! I can’t help it. I enjoy the glam, the shows, the fashion, & the speeches.

Que the Golden Globes! Ricky Gervais (the return host) compared the Globes to the Oscars as Kim Kardashian to Kate Middleton; now, while I would not insult the Globes in that manner or assume the Oscars could be as fab as the Duchess, I get what he was going for. The Golden Globes are definitely the more likely of the two for stars to take the stage drunk and say something ridiculous, but they still have their own prestige & can be a pretty good indicator of how the Oscars may be doled out. You won’t hear any Globe recipients complaining because even celebs know that every one loves to be recognized. As much as I’d love to run down the entire night with you, lets just stick with the fashion. That is enough for a plenty long blog.

Disclaimer: I have no credentials for making fashion critiques; I just have opinions and don’t mind sharing. Sam hates the show, but I wouldn’t mind being on Fashion Police just so I could dish about other people’s style – never you mind that I haven’t got any of my own. I couldn’t decide on an order, so let’s go with what my computer did: alphabetical by the name I saved the pic. Also, I got all of these pictures from the internet and have no rights to them. Now that we’re legal, let’s hit it!

Amber Riley: She is ravishing in red. I will always applaud women who dress their body right.

Angie & Brad: seriously who else could have pulled off this look. I’m not a fan of the slick hair look, but I barely notice between the red accents and rocking bod. Brad looks dapper, cane or not.

Charlize Theron: I mostly like the dress. Not sure about the large boffle (bow/ruffle), but love the headband.

Claire Danes: I like the front, but I love the back.

Diane Lane: a walking lesson on aging with grace – not saying she’s old, just saying she looks appropriate & gorgeous for her 40-odd years.
J.Lo, take note!

I flip-flip between liking it and hating it, I def liked last years better:
PS: I’m going to try to give a positive example if I don’t like something to try to keep from being too catty. Sam wouldn’t approve of catty.

Elle Macpherson: Do not like this dress! And I’m not giving a good example because she’s a model, and we all know she has & can do better.

Emily Watson: She looks familiar, but I don’t know what she’s from. Anyway, this is not dressing your body right! There is just no need for this. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t find a good example for you because she apparently needs to be on Stacy & Clinton’s hit list. Very frustrating.

Emma Stone: I love, love her, but I can’t get myself to love this. I much preferred last year’s choice – minus the blonde hair. It makes her look like blonde Lindsay Lohan, & nobody wants that. I prefer her in a rich red.

Evan Rachel Wood: I’m not into the whole feathers thing, but there is something about this green that won’t let me dislike this dress. Maybe leave the feathers and nix the fish scales, and I would like it better.
Or just keep animal textures off of clothes.

Helen Mirren: Fab! Another lady who doesn’t just own her age but also makes ladies any age wish they looked that good.
That’s how a dame works it!

The Jessica’s: Both were a miss for me. Glittery appliqués resembling butterflies bring you to the class level of Mariah Carey & no level of fabulous lace warrants a vintage wedding gown on the red carpet.
I expected more from the two of you.

Julianna Margulies: Another lady I wouldn’t mind looking like when I grow up. Again with the slick hair, but who cares. Not my hair, not my problem,
I always say. Yep, I’m getting tired.

Which means, we’re going to have to cut this in half. I’ll do part 2 tomorrow. Feel free to chime in because you know no one likes to dish alone. Otherwise, I hope your January has been lovely thus far!


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  1. All in one: Review says :

    Nice Post…Like it…waiting for part 2

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